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The troubling position of women in Pat Franks Alas, Babylon - Essay Example

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Writer about Pat Frank's Alas Babylon

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Drawing. Alas, Babylon Essay In the book Alas, Babylon, the author, Pat Frank, discusses the condition of the human race. Mainly, his view differs from others because rather than write about the countries in a nuclear war, he writes about people living in the countries that are involved in that war.

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"Pat Frank" was the lifelong nickname adopted by the American writer, newspaperman, and government consultant, who was born Harry Hart Frank and who is remembered today almost exclusively for his post-apocalyptic novel Alas, Babylon/5(K).

This essay discusses Frank’s novel "Alas, Babylon", women, that are praised for their efforts. In this examination of "Alas, Babylon", we’ll look closely at the conditions of five female characters to consider how Fort Repose, Florida’s particular post-apocalyptic society treats the issue of women.

Essay about Alas Babylon, by Pat Frank - The threat of nuclear warfare has been a fear tactic used multiple times to settle issues between countries. In Pat Frank’s Alas Babylon, Frank focuses on Fort Repose, a small community in rural Florida.

Pat franks alas babylon essay
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