Fourth graders pro-gay marriage essay goes viral

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Symposium: The gay marriage cases and federal jurisdiction

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Basic qualities of a narrative essay — : A Michigan elementary school has banned the latest "Captain Underpants" novel from its book fair because one of the main characters is gay, according to a report by WXYZ in Detroit. Marriage is a right, not a privilege, and should be guaranteed to all consenting adults.

It is time for both parties to lay down partisanship, step over bigotry, and get the ball rolling. When the fourth grader’s teacher Wednesday posted a photo of the essay on Reddit, a social news site where registered users can post content, it quickly took off.

“One of my fourth grade students chose gay marriage as his topic for a persuasive essay,” the teacher, Reddit user rafa3l2, wrote. Oct 09,  · Symposium: The gay marriage cases and federal jurisdiction Posted Thu, October 9th, pm by Steven Calabresi Steven G.

Calabresi is the Clayton J. and Henry R. Barber Professor of Law at Northwestern University and Visiting Professor of Political Science at Brown University Fourth grader’s pro-gay marriage essay goes viral.

What is one fourth grader’s argument for marriage equalityEssentially, “Get over it.” When the fourth grader’s teacher posted a photo of the essay on Reddit, a social news site where registered users can post content, Wednesday, it. The resources page has templates for starting a viral e-mail campaign, form letters and sample scripts.

Visit the Resources page R-word is supported by Special Olympics and Best Buddies and over other organizations from around the world. After the tears welled up, but before the nightmares began, I started to suspect that my daughter's kindergarten might not be a great fit.

There was an unnerving avalanche of dittos, make-work homework, and art that consisted of premade girl and boy shapes with smiles and dots for eyes.

Fourth graders pro-gay marriage essay goes viral
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